PERSONAL FAVOURITE ‘Cairo’ by Chris Womersley


Genre: Fiction

“I know how tragic it can be to fall for the wrong person. The pain that person can inflict on you when you imagine what it would be like to be with them, the ways you could complement each other. The future you might have together.”
―Chris Womersley, Cairo

Melbourne has fast become the most popular city to set Australian fiction. It’s quirky nature and unique ambience inspires originality in everyone living there. So imagine what it would have been like in the 1980s…before instagram, facebook and google made it accessible to everyone. Introducing Tom Button, who retells his story of being 17 and moving from the country into the big city in 1986.

He moves into an apartment building named “Cairo” where he meets residents Sally and Max. He takes refuge in their friendship, their spontaneity and creativity introducing him to all the hot spots of Melbourne (perhaps even forcing him to grow up too quickly)

This book has all the ingredients of gripping fiction: drugs, sex, theft as well as love and loyalty.

Why did I love this book? It made me feel immersed in the time! It reminded me of cherishing the friendships I have. This book is for art lovers, Melbourne lovers or just someone who likes a good twist.

I felt retro reading this book and since turning the last page I cannot pass art deco apartment blocks without thinking of this book 🙂


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