‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ by Gabriel García Márquez



Genre: Fiction

A modern classic!

It was a customer who recommended this book to me and who introduced me to this brilliant author. I briefly knew of him because of his Nobel Prize Winning Love in a Time of Chlorea (on of those books on the ‘I’ll read eventually’ list) though One Hundred Years was the novel that had everyone excited when I’d mention the author.
To put it simply, this novel gives the entire history of Latin America through the history of a fictitious town called Macondo through a family. The Buendías are the founding family of the town and commandeer all the major events such as the entire town’s resettlement, building a railway and countless civil wars. Each generation of the family have something new to contribute- with some more kind than others.
This book has taken me a long time to finish, in fact if it didn’t grip me every time I pick it up again than I would have given up on reading it ages ago but there is something very raw and expressive in the writing that makes it unique to me. Having been translated from Spanish you can feel that every sentence has a driven purpose and every adjective used to describe something significant has been carefully chosen.
This is a very dense read but challenges you to think beyond your own understandings of what it means to be a family. Some parts are incredibly scandalous that had me even blushing but I suppose they’re the parts that keep me reading this great novel.

A challenge worth trying 🙂


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