PERSONAL FAVOURITE ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes


Genre: Fiction/Romance

This book is impossible to ignore at the movie. Anyone who isn’t leaving under a rock will have seen the trailer for the upcoming film, starring Emilia Clarke (Game of Throne fans will know her better as Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons) and Sam Claflin (for Hunger Game fans that’s Finnick). So naturally, the book is in high demand.

The thing is, this book’s been out for a while, published in 2012, and it’s been popular since then.

The great thing about this book is, you’ll be so engrossed, you will finish it in the space of a weekend. This is an engaging, romantic story and not nearly as light-hearted and fluffy as some suggest.

This book is about Lou, who lives a quiet contended life in a tiny village in England. Her life may not be exciting but it suits her perfectly. That is, until she loses her job and frantically has to find a new one. Enter Will Traynor. Lou takes a job as a carer for Will who became a quadriplegic after a horrible accident. This is there story as they try to find a rhythm in each others lives.

The story also has subplots woven throughout.

A definite must read! Particularly for anyone interested in the movie- you should read this first!

Have tissues ready (:


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