PERSONAL FAVOURITE ‘The Dangers of Truffle Hunting’ by Sunni Overend


Genre: Fiction/Romance

This book was my holiday read- a book to sit by the pool, drink my bellini and soak up some good old fashion R&R. I’m glad to say that this book delivered.
A story for the senses. A story to give you the feels. A story to make you feel glamorous! This is the story of Kit Gossard, who is a food photographer working for a food stylist magazine called Hamper. Kit comes from food royalty, with her owning one of the oldest and biggest wineries in Australia. She also is engaged a famous interior designer, Scott and to everynoe, they’re a perfectly stylish couple. Kit seems to have the perfect life, so why does she feel incomplete, unsatisfied, hungry for more? It’s only when a Raph, a new employee at the winery to arrive for Kit to realise that something is missing in her life- that her creativity and sexuality are being stiffled.
What can only be described as a juicy, luscious read, it’ll have you craving breads, cheeses, trips to France and hot nights.
Great for fans of Candace Bushell will love this book. It has lust, love, fame, wine, rich people, the whole shebang. What caught my attention was the beautiful settings! Gorgeous images of french countryside, picturesque vineyards and trendy city bars!

Feast for the senses (:


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