‘China Rich Girlfriend’ by Kevin Kwan


Genre: Fiction

This is Kwan’s sequel to his immensely popular, Crazy Rich Asians which was published in 2013 and has a movie in the works.

Set two years after the first book the story focuses slightly less on the central couple, Rachel and Nick and instead delves deeper into the close-knit community of Singapore’s ultra-rich elite.

The characters vary in their personalities, occupations and likeablilities- everyone from politicians, to technological guru billionaries, to soap opera stars turned trophey wives.

The storyline of the sequel grips you as it describes the intriguing and virtually unknown world of high-class Asian society. The grotesque spending that these characters do leaves you 49% green with envy and 51% utterly flabbergasted. A perfect example are the persona car elevators used to transport residents to their high rise aparts…naturally.

A light, easy read this book is perfect to take to the beach this summer, though don’t be disappointed if you’re not staying in a 5+ star on your own private beach with a butler handing you gold champagne flutes!

Prepare to be green with envy (:


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