COOKBOOK REVIEW ‘The Australian Fish and Seafood Cookbook’

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This book was reviewed on ABC radio’s 702 program ‘Overnights with Rod Quinn’ in 2016. Shoot me a message if you’d like to hear the full review (:

GENRE: Cooking

I was very excited to get this book because I love to cook but, frankly, cooking fish at home has always been a mission and I’ve never strayed beyond the standard salmon in a pan

This book is more than just a recipe book. It also gives you 100 different species of fish and seafood with their best uses, how to fillet and also photo identification

It gives you case studies on the best practice fisheries and fisherman in Australia

The authors of this book have expertise in different areas; John Susman is a renowned providore of seafood, Antony Huckstep is a chef and restaurant reviewer, Stephan Hodges is considered Australia’s best seafood chef and Sarah Swan is a chef and recipe developer


This book has great endorsement from famous Australian chefs such as Maggie Beer, Neil Perry and Dan Hong

Having tried some of the recipes it wasn’t as a difficult to try new types of seafood as I thought it would be


It’s a great cookbook to give as a gift to a foodie (:

Check out some of my tried recipes!



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