COOKBOOK REVIEW! ‘I’m Just Here For Dessert’


Genre: Cookbook

I was beyond excited when I saw this book in the post from Murdoch Publications (: I love to bake and I love to decorate but quite frankly….I don’t think I’m very good.

This book is the latest by Caroline Khoo who is the creator of ‘Nectar and Stone’ and online dessert boutique.

So to have a book that is dedicated to styling cakes was a huge attraction for me. I trialled this book for Easter lunch and attempted two different cakes; a triple layer chocolate cake and a lemon and coconut cake. Modifications from the original recipes were made because….well….I ran out of time but the end result was great!

The main modifications I made was that each layer of each cake was suppose to be different but these differences mainly were simply different measurements (which I assumed were different cake tin sizes) because I was doing the old ‘slice and stack’ I disregarded it.


My triple-layer chocolate cake was a little bit of a disaster structurally but the wonders of ganache icing saved my bacon (METAPHORICALLY! NO BACON WAS USED IN THE MAKING OF THESE CAKES). It was incredibly rich and needed a big cup of tea to balance it perfectly….we were drinking champagne which may have been why were all couldn’t finish our slices….(:


The lemon and coconut cake was another layered cake but a little bit simpler. Personally, this was my favourite! I had to use flakes of coconut instead of desiccated coconut because when I went to the shops to get ingredients for my lemon and coconut cake….I forgot the coconut (reality 1, Vanessa 0) but it gave the cake a crumbly texture so no harm done! My only compliant would be the icing, it required using lard which gave it a very firm, thick texture when oxidised but it was a nice change from buttercream.

This is a delicious book! I’ll be doing a few more bakes before my review on ABC radio so I’ll keep you posted!


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