‘A to Z Great Modern Writers’ by Andy Tuohy with Caroline Taggart


I originally bought this book as a gift and found it so interesting that I bought another copy for myself

As the name implies this book is a guide to 52 key modern writers. It provides an ideal introduction to each author as well as suggested works to read. It works alphabetically with a diverse range of authors from Maya Angelou to Simone de Beauvoir to Vladimir Nabokov

This is a gorgeous book with Andy Tuohy’s eye-catching art-deco illustrations making it a wonderful keepsake but when I actually had a look at the authors mentioned I realized that I had never heard of many of these authors and the one’s I had read were in high school. It began to make me question- what is it about these authors that put them above the rest? Why are they great?

This is why I’ve decided to embark on my first book challenge in which I’ll attempt to read a book from each of the authors mentioned and to review what each author has contributed from their writing. This will be an ongoing challenge and I’ll regularly be posting about my progress

A few weeks ago I was hunting around my house for books by authors mentioned and I realized that Peter Carey is the only Australian author mentioned. When I posted about this challenge, Andy Tuohy and Caroline Taggart very kindly got in touch with me to wish me luck on the challenge and also gave me some insight into the selection process

Tuohy explained that this book is designed as a jumping off point into the investigation of more classic authors. He explained that he wanted to include as many female and international writers as possible

Tuohy, Taggart and their editor defined ‘modern’ roughly as writers that flourished in the 20th century. The writers also needed to be around long enough to have lasting influence, and diverse enough not to be dominated by straight, white men

I encourage people to let me know who they think should make the cut and recommend works to read

Wish me luck (:


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