‘Life of I’ by Anne Mann


Genre: Nonfiction/Psychology

This is a fascinating book that describes the incredible rise of narcissism within individuals and society. Manne uses real life examples of narcissism such as the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, sexual assaults within the military and the horrendous Anders Breivik’s murderous rampage in Norway.

She describes how our society has dramatically changed over the years to form an obsession of the self within an ultra competive world fuelled by the social media and celebrity culture.

The book is divided into two parts: part one looks at narcissism and the self while part two looks at narcissism within society. Part one highlights extreme examples of narcissism

Aspects of the second part of the book read like a research report. Manne constantly making the reader ask ‘why?’: why it occurs, who it effects, is it nature, is it nurture etc. Therefore she’s thorough (even at times dense) but this is broken up by the real life examples she uses such as the boom of reality home renovations shows.

Inevitably the topic of our ultra spending society and celebrity obsession comes into account and discussed in detail

Very interesting read!


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