‘Grace Kelly Hollywood Dream Girl’ by Jay Jorgensen & Manoah Bowman


Genre: Coffee Table Book

Grace Kelly has just 6 years in the Hollywood spotlight and in that time epitomized onscreen elegance during her brief but unforgettable career. This book is a collection of seldom seen childhood photos, previously unpublished Edith Head wardrobe sketches, original portraits, scene stills, on-set candids and wardrobe test shots.

The introduction of this book gives an interesting backstory to her life and early career. She was the middle child in a high achieving, wealth Irish family living in Philadelphia. Her breakout role opposite Gary Cooper in High Noon. However her movie role in ‘Mogambo’ with Clark Gable is what Hitchcock noticed about Kelly when he needed a cheap and pretty leading lady for ‘Dial M for Murder’- this subsequently changed both their careers.

It tells of her early struggles in New York living in a women only hotel and doing stage plays in an attempt to build up her acting experience.

Her main problems in the early years for casting directors was her height and her voice couldn’t project.

A vast array of photos, newspaper and magazine articles, costume sketches, wardrobe tests, onset shots and personal photos.

This is a gorgeous photography book and a wonderful gift for fashion fans, movies fans or Kelly fans!

Vanessa x

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