‘The Infinite Monkey Cage- How to Build a Universe’ by Brian Cox and Robin Ince


Genre: Scientific Non-fiction

Based on the BBC Radio 4 Program ‘The Infinite Monkey Cage’

‘The Infinite Monkey Cage’ is a science radio show that’s been going since 2009, that each week covers very complex scientific topics in layman’s everyday language and it’s a panel show, so it has specialists depending on the topic. For example I listened to the ‘fiercest creatures’ podcast and they had Steve Backshall, the presenter of the show ‘Deadly 60’. This book essentially is just an extension of the program.

These books are really popular as gifts over Christmas because they’re kind of fun. They’re bite size of information that you can pick up and put down.

This book covers a multitude of concepts and queries of the universe by two leading scientists and peppered with comic relief throughout- from the Big Bang and parallel universes to artificial intelligence but it tells these big existential concepts in often funny and occasionally silly ways.

Professor Brian Cox is a Professor of Particle Physics at the University of Manchester, he’s also a presenter of the popular BBC Wonder trilogy: Human Universe, Forces of Nature and Stargazing Live. He was also is the keyboard player in a band called D:Ream in the 1990s. Brian Cox has been described as the natural successor for BBC programming by David Attenborough and Patrick Moore (astronomer). He’s written over 950 scientific publications.

Robin Ince is a award winning stand up comedian who presents The Book Shambles Podcast and other shows about science.

The book takes some of the best questions from the 8 years of the ‘Infinite Monkey Cage’ and answers it in a readable and comical way. It’s an interesting book but can be very dense so would suit hard-core science enthusiasts.

A good Christmas stocking filler!

Vanessa x



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