‘The Secret Life of Whales’ by Micheline Jenner


Genre: Non-Fiction

This was my holiday read for my recent trip to New Zealand. Didn’t see any whales- still on the bucket list but did see plenty of other gorgeous birds and spectacular scenery.

Marine biologist Micheline Jenner has studied whales her entire career. It has become her life in more ways then one, not only in her career but also in her lifestyle. Micheline travels and studies whales with her husband Curt and has raised her family on the seas. Since the 1990 Micheline has discovered humpback breeding grounds off the Kimberley coast, uncovered pygmy blue whale feeds spots and is one of the few people in the world to witness and document the birth of a humpback whale.

‘The Secret Life of Whales’ gives some fascinating insights into these giants, gentle creatures. This book is starts to reveal the mysteries for some of the biggest animals to ever exist on the planet.

Whaling ceased in 1963, with the humpback whale population estimated to be a devastatingly low 500 worldwide. In 2009 aerial surveys estimated the Western Australian humpback whale population had grown between 33 000 and 36 000. However, whales face a new challenge in the 21st century, ocean pollution and global warming. Through the work that Micheline and Curt do at the Centre for Whale Research in understanding the migration patterns of whales that can further understand how human impact affects these creatures and see how a marriage between industry and maintaining a natural ecosystem for these animals to possible.

A great read for anyone interested in whales!

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