‘Beautiful Malice’ by Rebecca James


Genre: Fiction

This read is a long time coming! I remember reading a great review of this book in the MUST READ section of a Women’s Weekly magazine back in 2010. Then, a few weeks ago I found a mysterious copy in my mother’s library and believed the universe was giving me a nudge to read it.

This book is about Katherine, a 17 year old girl who has recently moved away from her shattered family to start afresh in Sydney. Katherine keeps her head down and a low profile until she is befriended by the wild and party-loving Alice. Alice brings Katherine out of her shell and into the real world…but there’s a dark side to Alice, something threatening and soon Katherine will learn the truth about Alice a dark twisted side which brings explosive and devastating consequences.

This is an intense and addictive psychological thriller. It is an easy read, however, at times is frustratingly unrealistic in it’s depiction of living in Sydney and Katherine needs to be more unlikeable in order to have more substance.

The depiction of friendship is something that is truly worth value.

I don’t know why I remember a book review from 8 years ago but it was worth remembering!

What’s a good psychological thriller you’ve read?

Vanessa x

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