GREAT MODERN WRITERS: Virginia Woolfe, ‘Mrs Dalloway’

Genre: Classic Fiction I’m starting off my book challenge with an old favourite! I read ‘Mrs Dalloway’ in high school and though it had an impact on me with it’s definition of ‘the perfect hostess’ rereading the book has given me greater insight and appreciation for this classic. To summarise, ‘Mrs Dalloway’ takes place in the space of a single day back in 1923 as Clarissa Dalloway, an upperclass English wife, prepares for a party she is hosting that evening. AsRead more

‘A to Z Great Modern Writers’ by Andy Tuohy with Caroline Taggart

I originally bought this book as a gift and found it so interesting that I bought another copy for myself As the name implies this book is a guide to 52 key modern writers. It provides an ideal introduction to each author as well as suggested works to read. It works alphabetically with a diverse range of authors from Maya Angelou to Simone de Beauvoir to Vladimir Nabokov This is a gorgeous book with Andy Tuohy’s eye-catching art-deco illustrations makingRead more

READING CHALLENGE! Is it good, great or classic?

I’m very excited to announce my first reading challenge! Earlier this year I saw this book ‘A-Z Great Modern Writers’ compiled by Caroline Taggart and planned to give it as a graduation present. The truth is though, after looking through this book, I loved it so much that I kept it for myself (like I really needed an excuse to walk back into the bookstore and find another present (: ) This is a book is has 52 authors, theseRead more