‘A to Z Great Modern Writers’ by Andy Tuohy with Caroline Taggart

I originally bought this book as a gift and found it so interesting that I bought another copy for myself As the name implies this book is a guide to 52 key modern writers. It provides an ideal introduction to each author as well as suggested works to read. It works alphabetically with a diverse range of authors from Maya Angelou to Simone de Beauvoir to Vladimir Nabokov This is a gorgeous book with Andy Tuohy’s eye-catching art-deco illustrations makingRead more

READING CHALLENGE! Is it good, great or classic?

I’m very excited to announce my first reading challenge! Earlier this year I saw this book ‘A-Z Great Modern Writers’ compiled by Caroline Taggart and planned to give it as a graduation present. The truth is though, after looking through this book, I loved it so much that I kept it for myself (like I really needed an excuse to walk back into the bookstore and find another present (: ) This is a book is has 52 authors, theseRead more