‘The Riviera Set’ by Mary S. Lovell

 Genre: Non-fiction This book was reviewed on the ABC radio program ‘Overnights with Rod Quinn’ as part of my Christmas special. The podcast of the review is available under the ‘Podcasts’ tab if you want to hear the full review (: I have a devastating habit of not finishing non-fiction books and yes…this has been one of them. However! The point of difference with this book is that I’ve kept thinking about it and I’ve been meaning to go backRead more

‘Insomniac City’ by Bill Hayes

Insomniac City is a story of New York told through the eyes of a newcomer. Bill Hayes moved to New York in 2009 at the age of 48. He moved from San Francisco after the tragic death of his partner. He bought a one-way ticket and had only had the vaguest idea of what he’d do there. The title of the book is derived from Hayes’ lifelong dealings with insomnia and in fact many of the stories from this bookRead more

PODCAST UPDATE! Up all night with love and tears

Have a listen to Vanessa’s full review of ‘The Life of I’ by  Anne Manne and ‘When Breath Becomes Air’ by Dr Paul Kalanithi on ABC Radio’s ‘Overnights’ featuring presenter Rod Quinn. Two engrossing stories- one non-fiction, the other a memoir that both will have a profound effect on any reader!Read more

‘The Flaneur: A Stroll through the Paradoxes of Paris’ by Edmund White

  Genre: Memoir/Travel Writing This is my first experience with Edmund White, who has been described as ‘an eccentric, yet brilliant poet’ and is known for his gay-love literature. Therefore, when I was given this book I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this ‘must-read’ author. . Part autobiographical, part historical and part travel guide White delves into reasons why Paris is such an iconic city and why the only reason to experience all that it has to offerRead more

‘When Breath Becomes Air’ by Paul Kalanithi

Genre: Biography   My review of this book on ABC’s radio program ‘Overnight’ was published on 24/4/16 for anyone interested in the full review shoot me an email 🙂 ‘Even if I’m dying, until I actually die, I’m still living.’ -Paul Kalanithi Is it possible for a book to be uplifting and deflating all at once? I think so. That’s because that’s the only way I can describe this memoir. Published in January 2016, it tells the story of DrRead more

‘The Convict’s Daughter’ by Kiera Lindsey

Genre: Biography I reviewed this book on the ABC radio program ‘Overnights’ in May 2016, contact me if you’d like to hear the full review (: This is a story set in colonial Sydney from the 1840s and 50s and tells the story of Mary Ann Gill who was a first generation native born Australian and the daughter of ex Irish convicts turned entrepreneurs who own what becomes the most successful hotel in Sydney of the time. Mary Ann, atRead more