‘Tokyo Style Guide’ by Jane Lawson

Genre: Travel This book was reviewed on the ABC radio program ‘Overnights with Rod Quinn’ as part of my Christmas special. The podcast of the review is available under the ‘Podcasts’ tab if you want to hear the full review (: I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book before my upcoming trip to Japan and I was able to use the book while I was in Tokyo. So this review is first hand experience. I alsoRead more

PODCAST UPDATE! A Summer of Fish and Veggies

Have a listen to Vanessa’s full review of ‘The Sound of Summer’ by Jim Maxwell, ‘The Vegetarian’ by Han Kang and ‘The Australian Fish and Seafood Cookbook’ on ABC Radio’s ‘Overnights’ featuring presenter Rod Quinn. Jim Maxwell is a renowned Australian cricket commentator whose voice and comments about the sport are synonymous with Australian summers. Vanessa was lucky enough to chat with Jim about his new memoirs and to understand a little more about why cricket captures the hearts ofRead more

PODCAST UPDATE! Holiday Reads (…but really anytime reads)

At Christmas time last year I had a special book review segment that focused on Books for the Holidays. Basically, new books that would make great gifts. None of these books have a Christmas theme but were chosen based on a variety of genres and interests. It was a challenging review because not all of these are my kind of books but it was fun to give them a go (: The list included: -‘The Riviera Set’ by Mary S.Read more

PERSONAL FAVOURITE ‘The Dangers of Truffle Hunting’ by Sunni Overend

Genre: Fiction/Romance This book was my holiday read- a book to sit by the pool, drink my bellini and soak up some good old fashion R&R. I’m glad to say that this book delivered. . A story for the senses. A story to give you the feels. A story to make you feel glamorous! This is the story of Kit Gossard, who is a food photographer working for a food stylist magazine called Hamper. Kit comes from food royalty, withRead more

PERSONAL FAVOURITE ‘Speaking Out’ by Tara Moss

Genre: Non-fiction In 2016 I interviewed Tara Moss about her recently released book ‘Speaking Out’ and had the opportunity to ask what the motivation behind the book was and the current reaction. Tara Moss is an admirable woman. Being a journalist, author and TV presenter has given her a strong presence in media for nearly twenty years. Throughout that time she has felt the incredible highs the spotlight can bring but has also felt the intense, furious presence of sexismRead more

‘The Convict’s Daughter’ by Kiera Lindsey

Genre: Biography I reviewed this book on the ABC radio program ‘Overnights’ in May 2016, contact me if you’d like to hear the full review (: This is a story set in colonial Sydney from the 1840s and 50s and tells the story of Mary Ann Gill who was a first generation native born Australian and the daughter of ex Irish convicts turned entrepreneurs who own what becomes the most successful hotel in Sydney of the time. Mary Ann, atRead more

‘A Little Life’ by Hanya Yanagihara

Genre: Fiction I reviewed this book on the ABC radio program ‘Overnights’ in May 2016, contact me if you’d like to hear the full review (: “He will be someone who is defined, first and always, by what he is missing.” ―Hanya Yanagihara, A Little Life This is a novel take keep on your radar! Yanagihara is an up and coming American novelist and this is her second novel. A lot of publicity has been surrounding this book recently asRead more