Books on my Beside Table

University break is upon us! It’s a time to catch up on study and clock up some much needed sleep. For me, it’s also brings the air of freedom to read what I want. The air is warm and breezy here in Sydney at the moment….i.e. my absolute favourite time of year because it means Summer is coming which means Christmas is just around the corner! So this morning I donned some summer slacks and made a pile of booksRead more

Books on My Bedside Table

The pile gets higher as I’m developing a bad habit of starting too many books while halfway through others! Oh well…let’s see who made the cut 🙂 -‘The Berlin Novels’ by Christopher Isherwood. I was given this book by boyfriend when we were on a blind book date (we get an hour in a bookstore to choose a book for each other) This edition consists of two of Isherwood’s books: Mr Norris changes trains Goodbye to Berlin -‘Rich People Problem’Read more

Books on My Bedside Table

A delightfully, eclectic mix that suits my whale so well (: Kruso, by Lutz Seiler- a German translation about bohemians on the ‘German Democratic Republic’ Insomniac City by Bill Hayes- Loved this! Full review available If I Could Tell You Just One Thing by Richard Reed- a beautiful gift from a friend which I can’t wait to dip into The Call by Peadar O’Guilin- YA, think Irish Hunger Games with mythical creatures Night Letter by Robert Dessaix- My mother’s favouriteRead more

Books for My Bedside Table

A rainy day, a cup of tea and a bookstore…the perfect day   The Age of Reinvention by Karine Tuil Another New York tale because I’m addicted to a city I’ve never been to! The book tells the story of talented law student Samir Tahar, a French Muslim, who encounters what he believes to be racial discrimination when applying for jobs. On a whim, he shortens his name to Sam and soon after is employed by a firm believing him toRead more