PODCAST UPDATE! Eat your words

Have a listen to the full review of my latest podcast on ABC Radio’s ‘Overnights’ featuring Rod Quinn This podcast looks at one of my favourite books of all time and introduces a new way of how I source my reading material- Netflix. ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman was a sensation when it first published in 2017. It tells the story of an odd woman called Eleanor, whose need for routine  and eccentric way of thinking isolatesRead more


Have a listen to the full review of Vanessa’s holiday reads: ‘Heather, The Totality’ by Matthew Weiner, ‘Ostro’ by Julia Busuttil Nishimuraand ‘Dunkirk’ by A.D. Divine on ABC Radio’s ‘Overnights’ featuring presenter Rod Quinn. ‘Heather, The Totality’ is the first book by television director Matthew Weiner (creator of the famous TV show Mad Men) and tells the short story of Heather, who’s energy and force can revolve the lives of those around her. ‘Ostro’ is a great new cookbook on theRead more

COOKBOOK REVIEW! ‘I’m Just Here For Dessert’

Genre: Cookbook I was beyond excited when I saw this book in the post from Murdoch Publications (: I love to bake and I love to decorate but quite frankly….I don’t think I’m very good. This book is the latest by Caroline Khoo who is the creator of ‘Nectar and Stone’ and online dessert boutique. So to have a book that is dedicated to styling cakes was a huge attraction for me. I trialled this book for Easter lunch andRead more

‘Improbability of Love’ by Hannah Rothschild

This book highlights the importance of a good title. In short, I hate this title. It sounds like a gushy Mills and Boons type book but romantic love plays a very small part of this book. This book is set in London starts with an art auction house getting ready for the sale of the century, an art work that’s caused a worldwide sensation called the ‘Improbability of Love’ painted by Antoine Watteau (who is a real life artist butRead more

PODCAST UPDATE! A Summer of Fish and Veggies

Have a listen to Vanessa’s full review of ‘The Sound of Summer’ by Jim Maxwell, ‘The Vegetarian’ by Han Kang and ‘The Australian Fish and Seafood Cookbook’ on ABC Radio’s ‘Overnights’ featuring presenter Rod Quinn. Jim Maxwell is a renowned Australian cricket commentator whose voice and comments about the sport are synonymous with Australian summers. Vanessa was lucky enough to chat with Jim about his new memoirs and to understand a little more about why cricket captures the hearts ofRead more

COOKBOOK REVIEW ‘The Australian Fish and Seafood Cookbook’

This book was reviewed on ABC radio’s 702 program ‘Overnights with Rod Quinn’ in 2016. Shoot me a message if you’d like to hear the full review (: GENRE: Cooking I was very excited to get this book because I love to cook but, frankly, cooking fish at home has always been a mission and I’ve never strayed beyond the standard salmon in a pan This book is more than just a recipe book. It also gives you 100 differentRead more