PODCAST UPDATE! What Women Want (it’s not always what you think)

Have a listen to Vanessa’s full review of ‘The Animators’ by Kayla Rae Whitaker and ‘The Dangers of Truffle Hunting’ by Sunni Overend on ABC Radio’s ‘Overnights’ featuring presenter Rod Quinn. Vanessa was lucky enough to interview Sunni about her writing process and inspiration for sensuous novel. Both books have strong female leads and shys away from the stereotypical idea that it’s love and relationships that complete a woman.Read more

PERSONAL FAVOURITE ‘The Dangers of Truffle Hunting’ by Sunni Overend

Genre: Fiction/Romance This book was my holiday read- a book to sit by the pool, drink my bellini and soak up some good old fashion R&R. I’m glad to say that this book delivered. . A story for the senses. A story to give you the feels. A story to make you feel glamorous! This is the story of Kit Gossard, who is a food photographer working for a food stylist magazine called Hamper. Kit comes from food royalty, withRead more