Books on my Beside Table

University break is upon us! It’s a time to catch up on study and clock up some much needed sleep. For me, it’s also brings the air of freedom to read what I want. The air is warm and breezy here in Sydney at the moment….i.e. my absolute favourite time of year because it means Summer is coming which means Christmas is just around the corner! So this morning I donned some summer slacks and made a pile of booksRead more

PERSONAL FAVOURITE ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes

Genre: Fiction/Romance This book is impossible to ignore at the movie. Anyone who isn’t leaving under a rock will have seen the trailer for the upcoming film, starring Emilia Clarke (Game of Throne fans will know her better as Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons) and Sam Claflin (for Hunger Game fans that’s Finnick). So naturally, the book is in high demand. The thing is, this book’s been out for a while, published in 2012, and it’s been popular since then. TheRead more

‘The Flaneur: A Stroll through the Paradoxes of Paris’ by Edmund White

  Genre: Memoir/Travel Writing This is my first experience with Edmund White, who has been described as ‘an eccentric, yet brilliant poet’ and is known for his gay-love literature. Therefore, when I was given this book I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this ‘must-read’ author. . Part autobiographical, part historical and part travel guide White delves into reasons why Paris is such an iconic city and why the only reason to experience all that it has to offerRead more

Books for My Bedside Table

A rainy day, a cup of tea and a bookstore…the perfect day   The Age of Reinvention by Karine Tuil Another New York tale because I’m addicted to a city I’ve never been to! The book tells the story of talented law student Samir Tahar, a French Muslim, who encounters what he believes to be racial discrimination when applying for jobs. On a whim, he shortens his name to Sam and soon after is employed by a firm believing him toRead more

Tips for Travelling on Your Own (Spoiler- You Get To Be Selfish!)

In 2015 my sister and I took off to live in London…much to my mother’s horror we went with the decisive notion ‘Oh, I’m not sure when I’m coming back to Sydney’ Needless to say it only took a few months for that idea to change. However, I’d decided that my time in London could not be complete until I’d spent time exploring the continent. I decided to take one month off to travel around Europe. Though I still paidRead more

Studying Overseas- The Hardest Part is the Application Form!

Applying for a university exchange The idea of studying abroad is an exciting prospect for almost any university student. Whether it’s to experience the college lifestyle, learning a different language, travelling abroad or simply trying something new. However, the initial organization and administration involved in preparing for studying abroad is what turns off the majority of students- it certainly was daunting for me. Nonetheless, exchange is a life-changing and rewarding experience. It helps you to become independent and organized, butRead more